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Hydronic Heating Boiler Maintenance in the Pacific NW

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Why Hydronic boiler Is So Important

Hydronic Heating is one of the most innovative home comfort systems in the HVAC market. Not only does it keep your floors warm, but it can also serve as a heater for your entire home. As a piece of equipment, it is vulnerable to wear and tear, which is why it is important to not neglect Boiler maintenance on your Hydronic System in the Pacific NW.

You may be putting off maintenance due to the cost. But it is important to remember with the proper maintenance and care, your Hydronic heating system is up to 30-percent more efficient than traditional heating units. Saving you a great deal of money with lower utility bills.

What Our Technicians Will Do During a Hydronic Boiler Maintenance

It is common knowledge that air conditioning units and heaters need annual care to ensure optimal performance. But due to the fact that this form of heating does not have ducts to clean nor filters to change. Homeowners tend to believe that it does not need maintenance.

This could not be further from the truth as there are multiple components of a hydronic system that will need to be inspected and maintained annually. Some of the primary examples include the boiler’s ignitor, which throughout the year will build up residue on the surface. If gone unchecked for more than a year, this residue will begin to manifest itself in ignition failures. Another key component that needs annual inspection are the expansion tanks. These tanks relieve pressure built up in the system due to hydronic expansion (the principle that when water is heated, the pressure increases). Without a properly working expansion tank, the boiler will begin operating at increasing pressures and this increased pressure will begin damaging other components of a system that are not intended to function under this increased pressure.

The good news is that you have stumbled across a reputable 5 star contractor who will do everything in our power to keep your home comfortable, and your units running efficient for the longevity of the systems life. When it comes to Hydronic boiler Maintenance in the Pacific NW – we have got you covered.

When our technicians come in to restore your Hydronic system to its former glory, they will conduct the following inspections:

  • Thorough investigation and inspection of the unit
  • Pressure check to ensure design pressures are within recommend specification of the manufacture.
  • Ensure that the pumps and valves are in excellent condition, and absent of any sign of wear and tear by testing the operations of the pumps.
  • Cleaning various components such as igniter flame sensor and some burners for peak performance.
  • Ensuring that there is nothing inhibiting the performance of the radiant floor heating system.
  • And test the combustion to insure the safety and efficiency of the system.

Dealing With Hydronic Heating Is Tricky – Trust Only The Best For The Job

Finding a reliable HVAC contractor in the industry is already of utmost importance, regardless of the unit that you have in your home. However, particularly special attention needs to be placed when hiring a contractor to deal with Hydronic heating. As oftentimes, smaller contractors have never worked with this particular home heating system before.

But the good news is that you don’t need to put your home at risk. Energy Works, LLC has been in the industry for over 20-years, and our technicians have the training, and experience to restore your Hydronic System back to its former glory.

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